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Meet Kit, a Kiwi-born photographer with over 15 years of industry experience. 

Kit’s love for photography began in his hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand when he got his hands on his first camera at just 13 years old. Fast forward a few years and his passion for photography took him across the ditch to Melbourne, Australia, where he honed his skills under some of the city’s top photographers and eventually started Kit Photography in 2012. 

As a commercial photographer, Kit takes pride in his ability to capture the essence of his subjects and tell their stories through imagery. He believes that photos are powerful tools for communication, and he enjoys the creative challenge and collaborative experience of helping bring his clients’ vision to life.

Kit’s versatility shines through in his ability to expertly light and capture people, products, and properties. Whether it’s highlighting the unique features of a person’s character, showcasing the intricate details of a product, or capturing the essence of a property’s architecture, Kit’s skillful approach ensures exceptional results across various photography genres. 

However it’s not just his technical expertise that get these results; his client-centered, friendly professionalism and creative flair foster a comfortable, confident and dynamic atmosphere on any project. Ensuring optimal results and long lasting professional relationships.


Dani is an experienced photographer for KP and also manages the post-production department. She gets to process and edit all the photos, polishing them up, so they look perfect! She has unmatched ‘attention-to-detail’.

Dani stems from Melbourne and before embarking on a photography career managed a hair salon.

Dani loves fashion photography, relaxing in Wilsons Prom and a good latte.


Bernie is a multifaceted photographer experienced in various styles, including portraits, products, sports, and events, both in-studio and on location.

He has a keen interest in understanding business dynamics and excels in conversation on a wide range of topics.

Outside of photography, he enjoys surfing in Gippsland and beekeeping, where he produces exceptional honey.

Headshot of tim


Meet Tim, a dedicated freelance cinematographer/editor with a zest for the whole video production spectrum. He’s all about weaving stories into engaging visuals, big or small.

From on-the-fly event shooting to detailed studio work, Tim finds joy in the art of filmmaking.

Off the clock, Tim enjoys diving into the world of storytelling and film technology, always ready to bring a blend of professionalism and a touch of fun to his projects.

Portrait of Kal


After earning her Graphic Design Degree, Kal quickly realised desk life wasn’t her scene. She made her mark in advertising agencies before embracing the freelance world 9 years ago, bringing over 20 years of production expertise to our team.

Recently, she’s dived into the world of styling, driven by her mantra that learning never stops and life’s too short for dull moments.

When she’s not orchestrating projects, Kal is kept on her toes by her two energetic boys, finding her peace and next adventure by the sea.

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